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How it Will Work

There are 3 main pieces. The Web Site (this) - the Discussion group and the Data Base.

Here on the web site we can keep our introduction and invitation to arriving potential members.

The heart of the concept is the discussion group and database. It will be categorized by brands for easy searches if you are looking for a part. It will also make it easier to offer parts for sale. Listings will be available in two ways. Individual part numbers when the poster has them at hand or complete units for reclaimed parts. The idea is to make it easy to post.

To Be Successful this web site will need many, many participants like you. If you see the potential value then please contact me to join as a member partner.


Credentials: If you are the owner or representative of an
 electronics service company you are invited to join. 
Members of National Service orgainzations like NESDA are
especially encouraged to participate. Individuals are invited to 
help in the design and implementation of this website. You are 
welcomed to contribute your suggestions to further the project.



money away!

Every deal is strictly between
the buyer and seller.
You negotiate the prices of
what you have or need.

If you donít need it
Sell it