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The Future
Our clients, both retail and TPA have raised the expectation bar on us. What is more, the
replacement cost of new products is lower and lower. We need only to pass through a mass
retailer location or spend a few minutes on the internet to realize that.

It was only one or two years ago when the introduction of LCD and Plasma TV narrowed the
possible qualified repair shops down to just a few for each area. That lead to an abundance
of high profit work. Those were good days and not long ago. 

It is our responsibility to create the solutions to the problems that are laid on our doorsteps.
The time has come to recognize the importance of the least of our assets. The lowley scrap
TV has value. If not to you, it has value to others. The $150 inverter board on an abandoned
TV in the corner of your shop waits it's new home. When listed for say $50 on this site and
used by a fellow service person, it turns into $200 profit for him. Next Day it's your turn.

Some days you will be the buyer

and on some days the seller

It's a win, win , win.
Your customer pays less
You get more viable jobs
You get more per repair
The earth gets less
Recycle - It's the green thing to do

The LCD & Plasma Parts Market