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FAQ Statement - Who - What - Where and When
Find answers to common questions

Queston: Who can join and use this web site?
Professional independent electronics technicians, service companies, parts distributors and associates.

Question: Can the public buy from this site.
The site is not intended for the general public. If a private party contacts a seller it is obviously a business transaction between the buyer and seller.

Question: Is it really free???
If I ever figure out how to make money out of this, Iíll let you know.

Question: Where do I look for parts I need?
Answer:  2 places. (1)The database. There you can search for a part by part number, generic board number or by model number. If it is listed youíll find the person to contact and the date the item was listed. Then see if they still have it, make your deal directly with them. (2)For a quick response use the active discussion forum. Mention what you are looking for. Techs that monitor the forum will respond if they have it or know where you can get it.

Question: Where do I post parts I want to sell?
Answer:  Look at the answer above. You can be both buyer and seller. You will sell in much the same way but you will add parts to the database rather than simply retrieve parts from it.

Question: Suppose The Parts donít work?
Answer:  We are a members only group but you are dealing with an individual service center. If the concept is good and the membership is worthwhile no one will want to be blocked from participating. There is an incentive to do the right thing for both parties. No one should get stuck or taken advantage of in any transaction. Repeated abuses by any member will have consequences.

Question: Do you warranty the parts?
Answer: We suggest a warranty period of 30 days. We suggest that parts that are to be returned are returned within 7 days. These are suggestions but the actual warranty is that which you work out between buyer and seller. ASK!

I need an official invoice for accounting
We are not buying or selling parts. We provide a marketplace for these types of transactions between other individuals. We will have a printable form which will describe the purchase for accounting purposes.

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