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Technicians LCD Parts Co-Op

We think that every TV that passes through your door should make you a profit

As we all know there have been enormous changes in the TV repair business. Products have become cheaper both in quality and price and at the same time the parts to repair those products have become much more expensive, harder to get  or nonexistent. The combination makes for  a squeeze on both the repair center and the client.
The question for us now becomes..... how do we create new solutions to this new problem. We are after all is said and done, problem solvers. That is what we do.
We also know that there is an ever growing number of LCD TV's that will never be repaired. The main cause is the broken LCD panels we see each and every everyday. In addition, there are also the lost repairs due to the high cost of boards. Gone are the component level repairs that were our backbone business. Enter “board swappers to further the downward pressure on our businesses.
I myself began saving unrepaired LCD TV's years ago. Partly because I thought that one day I would repair them and partly because I saw value in the parts. The longer I remain in this business the more I am convinced that there is in fact value in the parts.
The problem of course is mating the needed part to the repair. In the one shop environment that will happen from time to time. What is really needed is what I am proposing here. A nationwide marketplace to seek and sell parts for LCD TV's. Add another revenue stream for your business and make money from what may have been yesterdays trash.

Do you Rebuild Certain Modules for your own business??

Would you rebuild those same boards for shops across the USA?- Charge what the market will bear.